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Aircraft Charter

Charter, private plane hire Kiev Ukraine.

Charter and plane rental ( Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and others) typically needed to perform the travel. Rent a private jet and Charter aircraft allows you to move quickly over long distances. In this case, the train, the car does not always satisfy Your needs, as they move rather slowly.


Aviation today is very popular, due to the fact that quickly covers the distance. Aircraft means you can fly to any part of the globe. Regular air flights do not allow to implement all current business needs. In this context there is rent, Charter flights.


How much is it to Charter a plane?

A simple answer is impossible. A Charter plane is not a taxi, where there is a fixed tariff. Find out the cost of renting a private jet, perhaps calling to the carrier, and negotiate with the operator all the details of your order. The price is formed of many conditions. Even such as the selected class of aircraft. Classes are divided into economy class, business, VIP. In addition, different aircraft in terms of comfort and ease, speed, entertainment, services. More high-tech and high-speed aircraft cost a bit more. They differ in capacity of the bus, share a small, medium, small in the number of passengers. The more aircraft, the greater the cost. The actual number of passengers does not play any role here. Regarding the distance of the flight: the longer the distance, the greater the fee accordingly.



Charter a private jet

Charter a private jet

When ordering a Charter flight, the cost of the order of the aircraft to vary depending on factors such as: the date of Your departure, the desired route and the number of passengers flying; level of service; additional desired services; transfer, accommodation in selected hotel, meeting/seeing off in the airport lounge.
When an urgent order for You, the price will be higher than booking in advance.


How to save on the rental of the aircraft?

It has a special class of proposals: economic. It is not something extra that is not considered essential for a cozy trip. For maximum economy it is necessary to choose the plane in the economy class abandoning all without exception of additional services.


Aircraft Charter: a whim or a need?

If your working a tight schedule and above all you respect the precision and punctuality, without aircraft can not do. If the final RAID more than 20 hours, it makes sense to rent a plane. To sign the lease agreement may, at any time. Rent a private jet signed 2-way contract, which specified the type of aircraft, its hull number, technical characteristics, price, per flight hour, the airport-based.


Renting an aircraft has positive aspects: time, date, route of flight depends only on You; restrictions in the transportation of fine spirits, roomy Luggage, Your animals not available; no long queues at registration; service on Board, comfortable conditions for work, rest; privacy.



Rent a private jet

How to book a Charter or rent a plane?

To order by phone or online is quite simple. Fill in the form on the website and inform the main characteristics of the flights. Our managers will call You and will specify the required details, and answer questions regarding the type of aircraft, number of seats, aspects of service and conditions of carriage. If You urgently need to book a flight, call us.


We will start to solve the task of selecting the plane and quickly informing You of viable options. We will offer You the best options: rent a plane or Charter.

You can also rent a cargo plane.

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