The Charter flight.


The Charter flight.

Charter flight You can book with us. We will quickly find You the best fares.

Charter flight cost cheap and convenient method to apply a potential VIP flight at the lowest possible investment customers. To book a Charter can and large firms, and individuals. A particularly interesting possibility of ordering a Charter flight to different groups of passengers.

What is a Charter flight? From a legal point of view, it is the freight contract, under which one party (freighter) undertakes to provide to the other party (the charterer) all or any part of the aircraft 1 or kolichstvom flights for transportation of passengers, Luggage and cargo. In short, the Charter is the order of flight, though as a whole, inclusive of aircraft with crew, catering and maintenance of air passengers. The contract is for a specific flight, date, route, aircraft. Usually order Charter tour operators.

The cost of air flight for travelers important. Tickets for Charter flights are much cheaper than regular flights. It is associated with the operator of the aircraft takes wholesale. Tour operator has every reason to sell tickets at any price. Aviation company has an opportunity to regulate the pricing policy of the tour operator. For example, the operator has the possibility to refuse alcohol on Board or to discuss a given set of dishes. But airlines are standards, from which they depart will not.

The Charter is a chain of 3 sections. Except the customer (tour operator) it includes airlines, airports. In fact their cooperation solely depends on the quality of flight.

The airline can be confident of the professionalism of the tour operators with which it works. The company is required to be able to reach an agreement with the airport to get a suitable slot.

The airport need to consider many factors: the flights must arrive in convenient time, not to make noise in the air, passengers are not to interfere with each other in the halls of the terminal. First planiruetsya regular flights, while Charter flights are prescribed in the most extreme schedule.

Worldwide, generally, Charter flights below privileges of regular flights. But that's not what it means. Such a proposal only common to organizational factors. Consistently with the appearance of some some bad situation at the airport, if there is time, one in the first turn to release, the priority will have a regular flight. The same with maintenance of aircraft. But this does not mean that charters are secondary from the point. Here the parameters are quite equal.

Passengers do not expect Charter great comfort. To this reputation makes tested folk wisdom; for Nothing well not happen. Here however, those who make it to the charters tend to forget that the tickets for Charter flights is not the most inexpensive. There are lowcost companies, the so-called discount stores, which operate on the principle of full economy and selling the tickets at quite low rates.

Additionally, Charter constantly expect delays. Charter flights are really delayed sometimes. However, like it happens with regular. And the root cause here is not in the rank of flight. To predict the flight delay is impossible. Sometimes when you perform maintenance, you can find some kind of fault. Sometimes suddenly becomes worse pogodyi conditions. If the flight delay, then it is invariably an objective basis. First and foremost aviation company is likely to decide this issue, because of the flight delay to it to impose fines.

About nutrition. What saving money tour operators? After all, if not to save money, the Charter will lose its economic sense. Service on the flights is reduced to a minimum. This is a common service, but for 3-4 hours of flight really enough.

And finally, a very special misconception is that a Charter is often a disaster. According to statistical data , emergency Charter flights are less than regular. And they appear on these three points: the weather, human error, malfunction of equipment. The factor that the Charter flight, in no way can affect any one of those reasons.

And how much is it to Charter a flight? Calculation of the Charter depends on many factors and each case is determined individually.
To book a Charter, use the assistance of our professionals. They will answer any questions and recommend the best option.

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