Flying on a private plane becomes much cheaper

Flying on a private plane becomes much cheaper

Flying on a private plane suffer changes. Now several startups allow travelers to book a single seat on the plane to USA.

The appeal of private air travel are hard to evaluate: Pacific terminals, no long waits, quick check-in, a certain departure time of the flight. Traditionally, such privileges are expensive. You must have your own plane with a broker or invest in joint tenancy.

With the advent of hourly-based pay programs of flight of the aircraft, prices declined a bit in recent years, although the payment of $ 5,000 an hour (or more) for a private jet is still present. But at present, some companies allow travelers to book a single seat and not the whole aircraft. It makes possible flights available for people who do not consider themselves magnates and movie stars.

The most innovative of these companies are the ones that suggest that You can use the club membership in a particular region. The model is relatively simple: a flat rate monthly payment provides access to a fleet of aircraft plying between the group of cities at a specific time of departure. You get a guarantee for a certain number of flights. Although these clubs focus primarily at frequent business travelers plying the route network of the high demand, they begin to broaden its appeal, adding places, and occasionally offer guest passes and discontinuance membership for families.

California's Surf Air 2013 offers model with daily Charter flights between Silicon valley and Los Angeles. This fall, they will offer 90 daily flights between 11 destinations (including Las Vegas, palm springs and Sonoma County). Flights performed by eight local fleet of turboprop aircraft Pilatus PC-12. Membership starts from $ 1750 per month that gives unlimited access to the company network.

The most ambitious of clubs ClipperJet, which is focused on large markets: transcontinental and international flights. It uses a membership model ($ 9700 per month) for flights between new York and Los Angeles on a Gulfstream IV luxury. If all goes well, the company will soon expand the network to more than six cities, including new York to San Jose and from Los Angeles to Chicago. ClipperJet CEO James Occhipinti, who worked in commercial aviation, sees potential for scaling wherever there is a demand for premium seats, including flights between new York and London or Los Angeles and Tokyo.

BlackJet has a slightly different take on membership. The company has created a unique platform that allows you to find the travelers on the Charter companies are open seats on flights between specific cities. It will cost much cheaper than hiring a whole plane. With BlackJet, a place between new York and South Florida often goes for $ 2600; between Los Angeles and San Francisco, it costs about $ 1600.

FAA rules make it difficult to sell individual seats on Charter flights. Currently, the services managed to avoid any regulatory problems in their plan development of a network of routes.

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